Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Twitter Amplifies Voices and Brings People Together

Watching UFC online while talking about it with other viewers in Twitter.
We no longer view things on a single screen. When we watch television, attend live events, chances are we have a device handy so we can tweet out our thoughts, Instagram a photo, and join the discussion around a hashtag.

That was certainly the case for the screenshot above. Watching #UFC127 online, I could open up my Hootsuite account, find the hashtag, and see what everyone was saying, then respond to tweets or post fresh ones of my own. I could also see the Mentions tab and respond immediately if someone replied.

Sometimes you'll get a good conversation going that you end up following each other and may even become friends.

There are not too many topics you can't find somewhere in the Twitter search. It's an important tool if you want to see what conversations are trending. For example, you can usually tell which way a political election might steer by the conversation in Twitter. If you see more positive posts about one candidate over another, don't be surprised if that is the candidate that wins.

When creating a hashtag campaign for a particular product or story, the hashtag itself has to be memorable and catchy. You can see by the examples listed in this blog.

Even if you're by yourself, Twitter has a way of making you feel like you're watching an event in a houseful of people.