Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Transmedia journalism: content when, where, and how you want it

In my Canadian city, there are still daily newspapers trying to sell subscriptions door to door and in supermarkets. It's a brave thing to do in a world that grows more digital by the day. That said, pulp and paper mills will continue to operate because there will always be people who enjoy picking up a printed magazine, book, comic, and yes, even a newspaper. 

The one thing newspapers can (or should) offer, is varying viewpoints and investigative reporting. Regardless of how it is delivered, we still need that source

But when it comes to media, one size doesn't fit all; and all people don't gravitate to just one form of delivery. What we do demand is here and now. We have become used to getting "breaking news" at ever second of the day.

Transmedia "allows us to unfold a story across multiple media formats." It also gives news reporters the opportunity to tell part of the story now and then fill in more details as they learn more of the facts. Journalists are actually pretty good at it. They just don't necessarily equate it with the name transmedia. They have become astute at telling a story that stands alone on each platform, which also collectively paints a broader picture. They are also able to pull in their audience for engaging their content, and in many cases, help them expand the story even further.

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